The test is a home test kit via nasal/throat PCR swab, provided with free-post packaging for sending directly back to the laboratory for completion of the testing. Our testing supply and process is completely independent from any government processes, as such the sale of these tests does not limit any capacity for the government or in turn the NHS access to these tests.


How Does The Kit Work?

The Covid-19 home collection test kit includes a nasal and throat swab which collect a sample of cells which is sent back to our laboratory for testing. The testing in the lab looks for the RNA of the virus using a technique called RT-PCR. RT-PCR tests work by detecting specific genetic material of the virus (RNA). By detecting viral RNA, the tests can tell whether or not someone has the virus.


When & How Will I Get My Results?

The results will be available on our secure patient portal within 24 hours* of receipt of your sample by the laboratory. You will receive an email prompting you to log in with your date of birth once the results are available.


Will These Coronavirus Tests Tell Me Whether I've Previously Been Infected Or If I Am Immune?

No, these tests will not tell if you have previously been infected or whether you are currently immune, they will only tell you if you are currently infected. Once you have recovered the virus is eliminated and these tests can no longer tell if you've been infected.


Are The Coronavirus Tests Accurate?

All tests are analysed in a CPA accredited lab using PCR which is approved by Public Health England. Please note that it is not possible to guarantee that any test kit is 100% accurate and therefore there may be instances where results obtained from the test produces a false positive or negative even when used correctly.


Limitations And Clinical Interpretation

It is always extremely important to be clear on the limitations of any testing carried out. As with all viral PCR assays, patients with very low viral loads are less likely to be detected. Negative results do not preclude infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and should not be the sole basis of a patient treatment/management. If there is a strong clinical suspicion of an early COVID-19 infection a further test should be considered 24-48 hours later.


Results should always be interpreted by a trained professional in conjunction with the patient's history and clinical signs and symptoms, and epidemiological risk factors.


* Timescales are indicative and provided by the laboratory undertaking the testing. We cannot guarantee timescales of receiving your results. However, our team can advise regarding current turnaround times at the time of booking.

Covid-19 PCR Home Test

  • Please be aware that orders are only processed during weekdays and before 2pm. Orders received on the weekend after 2pm will not be processed until the next working weekday. Postage is £7.50 as kits are sent via courier for next day delivery.