The Combined Cancer and Cardiac Genetic Test analyses genes associated with Cancer and Cardiovascular risk, as well as how the body processes psychiatric medication.


The Combined Genetic Test includes Cardiac and Cancer genetic tests but also includes: 


2 Genes that significantly impact breast and ovarian cancer risk. Recognised by the CDC (Centers for Disease Contol and Prevention) as important for public health.


Lynch Syndrome
5 genes that impact colon and uterine cancer risk, among others. Recognised by the CDC as important for public health.



When it comes to medications, one size doesn't fit all and your response to these medication is influenced by many factors. One of these factors is your genes. Genetic testing can provide you with information about how your body is likely to process certain medications, such as thosed used for mental health conditions. Knowing your genotype can help reduce adverse drug reactions or therapeutic failure and get you started on the best drug for you sooner.

Combined Cancer and Cardiac Genetic Test & Consultation

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  • The test is performed via a saliva sample that is collected by the patient at home.


    The test also includes compulsory pre-test counselling with an IGP doctor to confirm that the test will be helpful and to help the patient understand the implications of any result and in the event of a positive result, post-test advice from a consultant.